Blue Belt Syllabus

This video is only a guide. Please see the written description for the full syllabus.

Combination techniques

  • Ouchi Gari into Kouchi Gari
  • Kouchi Gari into Tsuri Komi Goshi
  • Ouchi Gari into Tai Otoshi
  • Kouchi Gari into Tomoe Nage

Counter Techniques

Demonstrate any counter technique as a result of uke attacking in the following throws:

  • Tai Otoshi – Body Drop
  • Kouchi Gari – Minor Inner Reap
  • Osoto Gari – Major Outer Reap

The above counters are to be demonstrated effectively and with no hesitation. A committed attack from Uke will test Tori’s instinctive response to counter with an Ippon throw.

Groundwork Techniques

  • Three rollover techniques resulting in any arm lock, strangle or hold.
  • Two techniques while Uke is in crouching position
  • One technique while Uke is flat on his/her stomach
  • One escape while being trapped between Uke’s legs resulting in any arm lock or strangle.


  • 3 wins against similar grade or line up of mixed grades.
  • 1 draw
  • 0 losses allowed

Please note that grading is an assessment of a students knowledge, skill and ability. Clearly, the objective is to win in contest. However, where winning through if a student wins through use of brute force and aggression, rather than a demonstration of skill, technique and understanding of judo the student may not be awarded their grade.