Red to White Belt Syllabus (Beginners Induction)

The following grading syllabus is structured for all candidates undertaking the Beginners Induction Programme, going from Red Belt to White Belt. The grading requirements are divided into three sections which are to take place over the course of three weeks.

The syllabus is designed so that the student understands the fundamental principles of Judo, reinforcing a strong structured foundation which will help them to build on.

All adult and children beginners will start Judo wearing a full red belt. This will identify to everyone that they are of novice level. Candidates that complete the induction course will be awarded the grade of 6th Kyu, White Belt (if Junior or Senior, Primary judoka will continue to wear the red belt).Unsuccessful candidates will continue to practice until the instructor feels that he/she fully understands and is able to complete all the fundamental principles that are required.

Week One / Level 1

  • Understand of Judo etiquette.
  • Understand and explain the reason for warm up/down.
  • Understand and explain Kuzushi (breaking opponents balance).
  • Understand the traditional Kumi Kata.
  • Demonstrate all Ukemi Waza.
  • Show how and when you submit.
  • Terminology: Rei, Hajime, Mate, Dojo.

Week Two / Level 2

  • Explain the basic formalities of judo.
  • Demonstrate Suri Ashi (Sliding).
  • Demonstrate Tsukuri (Floating).
  • Demonstrate Uchi komi.
  • Demonstrate any 1 hold down.
  • Terminology: Uchikomi, Judo, Tatami, Sensei, Mokoso

Week Three / Level 3

  • Demonstrate general movement on the mat
  • Demonstrate any Standing technique using Kuzushi and Tsukuri.
  • Demonstrate Kake (body contact)
  • Be able to receive throws as Uke.
  • Understand prohibited acts
  • Terminology: Ippon, Wazari , Koka, Uko, Soremade