Joining Judo For All UK (JFAUK) gives you a gateway to traditional Japanese judo. It allows you to experience judo holistically, without bureaucracy, politics, and rules that interfere with the martial art. It empowers its individual clubs and members allowing all to grow through a supportive, encouraging and educational network. Furthermore, it’s ever-growing international connections can provide members opportunities to travel across the world to compete in major international competitions, attend seminars to learn from a wide variety of global instructors and experience all that judo has to offer. To find out more, please click here.

Individual Membership

  • Join JFAUK as an individual judoka
  • Membership Fee: £45 per annum (all ages) includes, license book, insurance and the full grading syllabus booklet.
  • Membership Renewal: £35 per annum (all ages).
  • Access to national and international competitions.
  • Insured under the Federation of Martial Arts (FMA).

It is a requirement that all practising judoka must have a membership with a governing body complete with insurance.

The JFAUK membership enables you to be graded under the Judo for All UK grading syllabus and entitles you to enter all JFAUK organised events.  This membership covers you for all judo practice in the U.K. meaning you can practice at any dojo and enter any competition unless stated otherwise.

Furthermore, the JFAUK licence is internationally recognised, meaning that you are able to use it to enter World Judo Federation (WJF) competitions. However, attendance to all international competitions requires selection from the governing body of Judo for All UK.

For more details on this membership, please click here. 

Club Membership

  • Join your club to JFAUK and operate under our grading syllabus, rules and policies.
  • Membership fee: £40 per annum.
  • Authority to instructors.
  • Access to national and international events.
  • Insured under the Federation of Martial Arts (FMA).

Clubs (or groups of clubs) that join Judo for All UK will become institutions that operate as part of the organisation and will represent the JFAUK in everything that they do. The member club will have access to the full support of the organisation and will have access to all resources and training programmes provided.  JFAUK will provide assistance with the implementation and attendance of the everyday running of the club, teaching programmes, instructor training, referee training, gradings, competitions, courses and education of all students under that club.

All clubs that join JFAUK will have the full authority in the running of its club and development of its students as long as they do not oppose the values of the organisation. All instructors will have the authority to grade their students up to 1st Kyu brown belt and clubs will have access to the full technical committee and the national team and will be able to request assistance in the form of teaching seminars from any of these officers free of charge.

All newly joined clubs will enter a probation period and will be initially monitored to ensure that they uphold all values and principles of the organisation. If the club fails to do so, the organisation reserves the right to refuse affiliation to JFAUK.

To find out all requirements regarding affiliating your club to JFAUK, please contact us.