Yellow Belt Syllabus

This is only a guide. Please see the written description for the full syllabus.

Throwing Techniques

Demonstrate the following throwing techniques while Uke is stationary, and then again whilst moving:

  • O Goshi – Major hip throw
  • Osoto Gari – Major outer reap
  • Ippon Seoi Nage – Single arm shoulder throw

Groundwork Techniques

Demonstrate the following groundwork techniques:

  • Kesa Gatame – Scarf hold
  • Yoko Shiho Gatame – Side four quarters
  • Juji Gatame – Cross arm lock

Combination techniques

Demonstrate the following combination techniques, throwing into groundwork:

  • O Goshi into Kesa Gatame
  • Osoto Gari into Yoko Shiho Gatame
  • Ippon Seoi Nage into Juji Gatame


Translate and explain the meaning of the following Judo terminology:

  • Dojo
  • Sensei
  • Rei
  • Hajime
  • Soremade


Assessment will also be on the following:

  • Ukemi
  • Randori
  • Attendance
  • Exercise
  • General behaviour and etiquette