Junior Syllabus

10 to under 16 years

All junior grades are graded to White Belt on completion of the Beginners’ Induction Course (Red to White belt). They then continue to wear the White Belt until they are graded to colour belts. The junior grading pathway is as follows:

  • Red belt (novice)
  • White Belt
  • Yellow Belt
  • Orange Belt
  • Green Belt
  • Green Belt + 1 Blue Tag
  • Green Belt  + 2 Blue Tags
  • Green Belt  + 3 Blue Tags
  • Green Belt + 1 Brown Tags
  • Green Belt  + 2 Brown Tags
  • Green Belt  + 3 Brown Tags
  • Green Belt + 1 Black tag
  • Green Belt  + 2 Black Tags
  • Green Belt  + 3 Black Tags

Please note that if a student is attempting to grade for a full coloured belt such as yellow, orange or green belt but does not meet the full requirement of the syllabus, the instructor reserves the right to award tags up to three tags in between each colour belt. For example, “yellow belt + 3 orange tags”. These  ‘in-between’ grades are to be awarded at the discretion of the examiner, as an instrument for recognising achievements of students and motivating those that do not yet meet the requirements of the next full grade but still showed good judo spirit.

From Green Belt and above, however, each additional tag represents an individual grade and a new standard that needs to be achieved.

  • It is important that only one grade is awarded at each grading. Jumping of grades should only occur in exceptional circumstances.
  • All of the required syllabus techniques are to be demonstrated to an appropriate level and it is intended that the level of examination should become more in-depth as the student progresses through their grade.
  • At each grading the examiner may also ask questions from previous examinations, this will help further assess the ability and capability of the student.
  • Once a primary judoka reaches the age of a junior judoka (10 years old), they will be asked to undertake a junior examination at the grade that best represents their current skill level.