International Integration

Despite being a new organisation, Judo for All UK has established long lasting international links across the globe. Shortly after our founding, we became the recognised national governing body for traditional judo in the U.K under the World Judo Federation (WJF), backed by 52 countries worldwide.

Due to our status, we regularly participate in international training courses and competitions in various countries, including participation at the WJF European and World Championships, as well as other international and world stage competitions such as the CSIT World Sport Games. You can find out more about Team JFAUK here.

Our integration is not purely focused on competition however. Our involvement within the WJF is a major attempt to reclaim and preserve the original values of judo. The WJF aims to create a movement that is based on the concept of judo for all, taking a holistic and traditional approach to training and contest, and Judo for All UK extends and champions these values within the United Kingdom.

Further to this, Judo for All UK is involved with various charitable initiatives including the Kalithea Rehabilitation Programme in Thessaloniki, Greece, which uses Judo as a platform for personal development, aiming to assist the rehabilitation of individuals struggling with alcohol substance abuse.