JFAUK Covid19 Guidelines – August 2020

JFAUK COVID-19 GUIDELINES The Covid19 situation has had a detrimental affect on judo and will continue to do so for the foreseeable

JFAUK Covid19 Guidelines – August 20202020-08-17T17:36:55+01:00
  • Charles Conroy (7th Dan) and Sampson Sampson (8th Dan)

Gibraltar Exchange

JFAUK President Sampson Sampson (8th Dan) has just returned from Gibraltar, where he spent two days training with team Gibraltar and talking

Gibraltar Exchange2019-02-25T11:32:34+00:00

Nage No Kata Course

A big congratulations to everybody who took part in our recent Nage No Kata course! This course breaks down one of the

Nage No Kata Course2019-02-10T14:58:11+00:00
  • Group photo from Club Judoka's Chairty Session in Worthing

Charity session at Club Judoka

Congratulations to Club Judoka for hosting a great training session last night in support of Dave Gould who is currently in hospital

Charity session at Club Judoka2018-11-20T10:08:50+00:00

JFA International Growth

Since affiliating to the World Judo Federation (WJF), JFAUK has continued to integrate with a number of countries across the globe as

JFA International Growth2018-11-14T17:11:16+00:00
  • JFAUK Bulgarian Exchange Training Session 2018

Bulgarian Exchange 2018

This weekend saw the long awaited exchange between JFAUK and Bulgaria take place. The U.K. and Bulgarian teams first met in Thessaloniki

Bulgarian Exchange 20182018-05-28T19:01:14+01:00

End of Year Report 2016

Founded in January 2011, JFAUK aims to re-ignite traditional judo in the United Kingdom, a landscape whereby bureaucratic and sport focused ideologies

End of Year Report 20162017-12-09T12:40:59+00:00

Research at JFAUK Club

JFAUK Recently had a visit from Ryo Uchida a professor from Nagoya University, Japan. Mr Uchida is conducting a study regarding the

Research at JFAUK Club2017-12-11T14:59:48+00:00

Older Events

An archived list of older JFAUK Events. To see photos from each of these events, please head to www.Facebook.com/JudoForAllUK/ Great Borders Summer

Older Events2017-12-11T15:02:13+00:00
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