The Covid19 situation has had a detrimental affect on judo and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future until the pandemic is is controlled. However, after working closely with our insurance provider we have been able to plan a 3-phase return to judo in accordance with the current government guidelines. These guidelines will be reviewed and adjusted continuously as the situation develops.

Please regularly check our website to ensure you have the latest advice. Please do not rely on social media and imitate other clubs as it may be possible that different areas/clubs will be on different phases at different times. This is due to the difference in location and number of students across different clubs.

The updates on phasing will be communicated to you when possible in accordance to government and insurance guidelines.

Read here: JFAUK COVID Guidelines – August 2020

**All JFAUK clubs should currently be following Phase 1 guidelines.
This is the only phase currently approved by JFAUK insurance**