Yes! JFAUK organises and promotes participation in competitions domestically and internationally. In the UK,  JFAUK holds several competitions and tournaments that follow the Traditional Kodokan Judo contest rules. In addition, we also hold several commemorative contests and events such as Kenshiro Abbe Cup, throughout the year. Internationally, selected team members regularly travel abroad to compete and represent JFAUK. You can find out more about our events here, and more about team JFAUK here.

Our attitude towards competitions is defined by our adherence to Traditions Kodokan Judo expressed in part by the TKJ contest rules. JFAUK regards participation in competitions and tournaments as an integral part of the judo education and training. Thus, at national or international events JFAUK promotes these values and does not engage in glorification of winning, medals or promotion of flag-waving.

In general, the majority of such contests and competitions organised by JFAUK or our international partners are open to all judoka irrespective of their affiliation. However, on occasions, there may be closed events that are limited only to members of JFAUK.