Our competition ruleset is focused on traditional judo meaning that many techniques that are banned in modern, olympic judo – such as leg grabs – are still allowed in JFAUK. Further to this, we put a strong emphasis on ne-waza due to our belief that judo should be a 50/50 split between tachi waza and ne-waza. Therefore, judoka competing will be allowed plenty of time to work into groundwork techqniues when fighting.

Other differences include:

  • White Judogi Only
  • No excessive Judogi badges – Manufacturer logo only
  • No Back patches on judogi
  • 30 second hold downs (25 second wazari, 30 second ippon)
  • Wazari and Ippon Only
  • Wazari’s are not cumulative – 2 Wazari’s = Ippon (Wazari Awaseti Ippon)
  • Upright judo – Little or no grip fighting allowed
  • ‘Tactical’ Judo is discouraged – students are not encouraged to win via technicalities such as causing opponents to get shido’s and holding onto that penalty until the end.
  • Shido, Chi and Kaikoku penalties.
  • 1 referee only.
  • No Golden score – referee decision after the time limit.
  • Formalities are required
  • No mat-side coaching
  • No excessive audience cheering

For the full ruleset, please click here