At JFAUK our focus is on traditional judo as opposed to Olympic judo. All of our principles, policies and values are focused towards the preservation of traditional Japanese judo. This means we have a slightly different competition ruleset which allows us to do techniques that have been banned by other governing bodies. Our aim is to re-ignite judo as a martial art and keep it alive through the allowance of traditional techniques, leg grabs and by placing an emphasis on ne-waza. You can read more about JFAUK here, and read our competition ruleset here.

Furthermore, we are affiliated with the World Judo Federation (WJF), as opposed to the International Judo Federation (IJF). This means that all of our events and gradings are authorized by the WJF and most of our international integration is conducted through said international governing body. As a result, we regularly take part in international competitions organized by the WJF and are privileged to boast multiple international and world medalists as well as multiple WJF European Champions.

As well as providing a competitive platform for those that wish to undertake it, we also have a strong focus towards grassroots and club level judo. We view judo as an educational tool that helps to develop students and focus them towards being positive members of their local communities. We understand that all do judo for different reasons and therefore provide opportunities for all to excel in their own ways.