JFAUK Open Randori January 2017

29th January saw the first JFAUK Open Randori of the year take place! The event saw a number of judoka, from a

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London October Randori 2016

The JFAUK London randori took place on Sunday 16th October and proved to be a great success! The four hour session took

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London Area Randori 2016

On Sunday 31st January the JFAUK London Area Randori took place at the Sobell Judo Club. This proved to be a fantastic

London Area Randori 20162017-12-11T14:51:49+00:00

Older Events

An archived list of older JFAUK Events. To see photos from each of these events, please head to www.Facebook.com/JudoForAllUK/ Great Borders Summer

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