The 2014 JFAUK Junior Championships were successfully held on the 16th March at the prestigious Sobell leisure centre in London. This year’s event saw a good growth with 13 clubs taking part. A total of 143 competitors took to the mat and were eager to test their judo skills as well as their discipline in following strict

traditional rules and guidelines.The JFAUK championships continue to revive forgotten traditional standards which have become a talking point within the judo world. Everyone who attended felt the warmth and aura of the tournament. There was a noticeable serenity and quietness as one of the fundamental components of the tournament was that no coaching or cheering was permitted during contest. This enables both the contestants and the officials to fully engage in the contest.

JFAUK thanks, all who attended and many thanks to all our officials who worked so hard to make this event such a pleasure. It is without a doubt that this year, JFAUK continues to move progressively forward and continues to establish itself as a serious leading contender in Judo.