Congratulations to all who recently attended the JFAUK Sussex Judo Day Camp, hosted by Club Judoka.
Led by high grades. Sampson Sampson (9th Dan), Seyed Razavi (8th Dan), and Rob Elliot (6th Dan), the day camp was a fantastic experience of learning and camaraderie. The morning session kicked off with a focus on tachi-waza as the judoka dove into the world of counters for uchi mata, and a variety of leg grab techniques. The tatami buzzed with energy as participants honed their skills under the guidance of the instructors. After a brief intermission, the judoka regrouped for an afternoon session dedicated to ne-waza. The spotlight shifted to top positioning, control, and smooth transitions from do-osae.
What truly made this day special was the exchange of knowledge and experiences among judoka from various regions. The event’s diverse attendance drew participants from London, Sussex, Essex, Devon, and Scarborough. The shared passion for judo created an environment where everyone could learn from each other’s unique perspectives, reinforcing the sense of unity that defines the judo community. As the sun began to set on this dynamic day of judo, participants were in for a delightful surprise—the event culminated in a refreshing dip in the sea.
The event was an immersion in the spirit of judo. The wealth of knowledge gained, the bonds formed with fellow judoka, and the memorable dip in the sea created a lasting impression that will undoubtedly linger in the minds of all who were present. This day served as a reminder that judo isn’t just about throws and pins—it’s a journey of growth, community, and shared passion.