Across June 24th – 27th the JFAUK team attended the WJF Matsuura Cup in Thessaloniki, Greece. This was the first WJF event for the team since the pandemic and was an opportunity to get back into the swing of competition.

The first day saw the team warm themselves up with a small training session followed by an exhibition team event that mixed judoka from the different countries to compete alongside one another. However it was the second day that contained the main event and saw our judoka head to the tatami to test their skills. Overall the team produced truly excellent results despite facing strong opposition from opponents hailing from Greece, Bulgaria and Macedonia.

🥇Fahd Dalah (-71kg) 🥇Lucian Buleandra (-83kg) 🥇Mahdi Boettgenbach (-96kg) 🥇Ross Elliot (+100kg) 🥈Andreas Kouyialis (-83kg) 🥈🥈Karl Summerbell (-75kg able bodied + -75kg Psychically Impaired category)