Well done to all the judoka who completed the third annual JFAUK Worthing Summer School last weekend. With judoka from all over the country as well as international judoka from Gibraltar and Poland, this year proved to be another resounding success with many hours of fantastic judo shared between the participants.

Led by JFAUK President Sampson Sampson (8th Dan) and supported by JFAUK high grades Farid Nemouchi (6th Dan), Samuel Betu (6th Dan), Bob Bushnell (6th Dan) Chris Cooper (6th Dan), Rob Elliot (5th Dan), Sam Sampson (2nd Dan) and Ross Elliot (2nd Dan), the course was a true showcase of traditional, effective judo that highlighted a number of techniques that furthered each judoka’s technical and competitive understanding of judo.

As always the standard at the course truly excelled itself from the previous, highlighting the continuous growth of not only the course itself but the desire and thirst for traditional judo in the U.K.

As well as the plethora of judo shared between the students, it was a pleasure to witness the social environment that brought together various people from different places, origins and backgrounds for the same common goal – to enjoy judo.

As well as the course, a technical examination took place which saw two 1st Kyu’s achieve their 1st Dan, so we would like to congratulate these students on the achievement of this milestone. As well as this achievement, we would like to congratulate JFAUK Sussex Area representative Chris Cooper on his new promotion to 6th Dan. Chris has worked tirelessly for JFAUK since he came on board and has helped to grow the Sussex area into bustling hotbed for traditional judo, with a series of clubs, each promoting and practicing traditional judo under JFAUK’s philosophy. His ongoing efforts are a testimony to his character and we are very proud to award him with this high grade as recognition for his contribution to judo. Congratulation.

As always we would like to thank all of the team members who worked behind the scenes to make this course a success, with a special thanks going to Chris Cooper from Worthing Judo Club l and Ross Elliot from Club Judoka whose joint efforts enabled this course to run smoothly and successfully.

Another thanks goes to all the judoka who attended the event as without you, none of this would be possible. A further thanks goes to all international judoka who took the time and effort to travel to our course.

As the dust settles on this year, we have already begun planning next year which as always plans to be bigger and better than ever. Keep your eye on this page to find out more about all of our future events.

Check out the photos here