Team JFAUK have officially crowned 7 new WJF World Champions after taking part in the WJF World Championships this weekend in Carrara, Italy.

Integrated into the International Martial Arts Games, a global festival bringing together ~4000 martial artists from various disciplines across the globe, the WJF World Championships provided a world platform for affiliated judoka to compete for a coveted world medal.

The judo event itself drew judoka from each corner of the globe. Competitors from across Europe, the Americas, Australia and Asia descended onto Carrara for the one day tournament.

JFAUK had an extraordinary day, topping the medal table by securing a 100% medal rate of 10 medals from 10 competitors, 7 of which were gold. Our newly crowned WJF world champions are:

???? Alex Charalambous (-66kg)
???? Sam Charalambous (-75kg)
???? Lucian Buleandra (-83kg)
????Jonathan Coe (-95kg)
????Ross Elliot (-100kg)
????Richard Murphy (+100kg)
???? Eloise Lumley (-70kg)

Also securing a very commendable place on the podium were:

???? Sam Sampson (-79kg)
???? Sophie Curtis (-57kg)
????Alexis Bardini (-71kg)

Congratulations to each competitor for taking on the challenge and representing JFAUK with such high regard.

A big congratulations also goes to Samuel Betu and Rob Elliot who played a key role in the running of the tournament as WJF International Referees. Also supporting them was Sampson Sampson, officiating his role as Chairman of the WJF Referee committee. Further to the tournament, the team also participated in an international training camp led by Alfredo Vismara (9th Dan), Giuseppe Vismara (9th Dan) and Sampson Sampson (8th Dan).

Well done once again to the team for stepping up to the challenge and finishing the year on such a high note!