JFAUK high grades recently look part in the Level 2 Coaching qualification. This highly technical course covers the fundamental principles of all judo techniques listed in the JFAUK grading curriculum. It gives an insight into the inner dynamics of the entire grading structure from how techniques work alone and how they link together. The course covers over 120 techniques and combinations and provides coaching with an in depth analysis and clarification on how to teach the grading structure correctly. This very demanding course, both on the body and mind lasted six hours non-stop and followed on from a previous day of coaching.

Participants from all over the UK attended with instructors from Scotland, Cambridgeshire, Scarborough, Hertfordshire, Kent, Sussex and London. Everybody who attended found clarity and a new depth of understanding in their judo. Well done to all our new Level 2 coaches. JFAUK would also like to commend Karl Summerbell who has been practising judo since the age of 6 despite suffering from Cerebral Palsey. Karl has continued to push and develop himself and is currently working towards his 1st Dan, going above and beyond the requirements – shown by his completion of this course. Congratulations to Karl for being a great role model for all special needs judoka.

You can view the video here: https://www.facebook.com/JudoForAllUK/?fref=ts