The JFAUK National Championships took place Sunday 6th November 2016. The National Championships gave our judoka one final chance to test themselves and establish themselves as #1 in their category before the Christmas period.

The championships proved a resounding success as always with fantastic traditional, ippon judo taking place.
Well done to our newly crowned national champions and also to our previous champions who defended their titles!
Congratulations to all who took part and stepped on the tatami.

Thank you to all officials, timekeepers and coaches who made this event a success.

JFAUK continues to grow each year. And we are leading the way for traditional judo in the UK. JFAUK is providing an educational judo structure for anybody who is interested in traditional judo. If there are any clubs, coaches or individuals out there who are fed up with bureaucracy, and the watering down of judo we are here for you.

JFAUK is the only recognized national governing body representing traditional judo in the UK, backed by 52 countries worldwide. Join us, or work with us.

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