Following this weekends Marathon Shochugeiko, JFAUK conducted the first half of the Coaching Level 2 qualification hosted at Sobell Judo Club. This course was completely practical and focused heavily on the JFAUK grading structure and specific technique instruction. The judoka who took part in this course had already endured 7 hours of judo on the previous day and all performed excellently. We look forward to part 2! “Wonderful course.

“Superb level of detail condensed into 4 or 5 “key points” per technique such that it can be remembered and taught correctly. Next time I try an Uchi Mata I will be watching where the toes of my support leg are pointing. Beautiful demonstrations by Sensei Sampson. Thank you.” – G.Engels (1st Dan)

“I learnt a great deal about the methods of coaching and look forward to part 2! Can’t wait until Wednesday so I can get back on the mat again!” – K.Summerbell (1st Kyu)

“All I can say if you were not there then you missed out on something special. Sensei Sampson Sampson 8th dan hanshi was on top form. He gets better every time I see him, the man is a robot. His techniques were crisp and fundementally out of this world. All I can say is wow.” – C.Cooper (5th Dan)