This bank holiday weekend saw the 2016 JFAUK Scarborough Summer School take place. In its second year since being relocated from the usual Scottish borders, this course proved once again that it is the place to be to learn high quality judo over the summer months.

On its opening day the course was led by Dave Hammond (5th Dan) who began by showing a variety of high standard ne-waza techniques. Following this, Dave began to show a series of very traditional and niche judo techniques, re-igniting the roots of judo in the modern age.

During the second day, the course was led by JFAUK President Sampson Sampson (8th Dan) who focused heavily on Tai Sabaki – Movement. Sampson utilized kyushindo to demonstrate the ways in which footwork and body action create momentum and kuzushi in order to execute techniques. Kakari Geiko – continuous attack practice – was conducted In order to help students understand these key principles. Following this, Sampson moved on to show complex strangulations and arm locks when faced with a defensive opponent.

After the second day was completed it was time for the event’s social – a BBQ on Scarborough’s seafront! This allowed all members to integrate and get to know one another, off the tatami.

On the final day of the course Sampson Sampson continued the teachings of the first day, and showed how the same principles of Tai Sabaki and Kyushindo can be implemented in contest judo.

During the final afternoon JFAUK’s national coach, Farid Namouchi (5th Dan) took to the tatami to expand on contest scenario’s, however, he focused on ne-waza, showing the ways in which you can utilize an opponent’s defensive position to your advantage.

As usual, a Dan grading also took place at the event and JFAUK would like to congratulate Hamid Armin Denesh on his promotion to 2nd Dan.

We would also like to congratulate Dave Hammond on his promotion to 5th Dan.

All in all, a fantastic three days of judo. Those who did not attend, truly missed out on a very special course.