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Unleash the potential for positive change Learn to Learn!to liberate mind and body without hinderance!

Welcome to the website of Judo For all UK

This is the official website of Judo For All UK (JFAUK), a new organisation established in order to champion and promote Traditional Kodokan Judo, in Britain.

Latest News

  • National Championships 18th October 2015! +

    We take great pleasure in inviting you as members and friends in judo, to the Senior and Junior Open National Judo Championships organised by Judo for All UK (JFAUK) in collaboration with World Martial arts council (WMAC) promoting Traditional Kodokan judo.
    The event will take place on Sunday 18th October and will be used as

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  • Scarborough Summer School +

    This weekend saw the 2015 Scarborough Summer School take place. This is the first time the summer school has taken place in Scarborough since being relocated from the Scottish borders. The course consisted of three days of fantastic traditional training lead by Sampson Sampson (8th Dan), Farid Namouchi (5th Dan) and Dave Hammond (4th Dan).

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  • 2015 Matsuura International Cup +

    Team JFAUK have returned from the 2015 Matsuura international training camp and tournament.14 clubs from 5 countries (Great Britain, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, FYROM) took part in this international event. JFAUK had a successful day with 2 Golds and 2 Silvers. Nima Akbari took the gold in the senior men's -79kg, Peter Vincent took the Gold

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  • [Video] North London Closed Championships +

    The 2015 North London Closed Junior Championships recently took place the sobell leisure centre. Various JFAUK clubs from across the country took the time to travel to the Sobell Centre to take part in shiai. This event was a friendly tournament which was focused on the technical development on judoka as opposed to focusing on

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  • Marathon Shochugeiko +

    JFAUK proved once again that they are leaders in traditional judo. This years Marathon Shochugeiko was indeed outstanding. Starting at 9:30am and finishing at 4pm only stopping for hydration, this course really tested each participants budo spirit. At the same time this course furthered everybodys judo education which saw JFAUK president and Sobell head instructor

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  • Level 2 Coaching (Stage 1) +

    Following this weekends Marathon Shochugeiko, JFAUK conducted the first half of the Coaching Level 2 qualification hosted at Sobell Judo Club. This course was completely practical and focused heavily on the JFAUK grading structure and specific technique instruction. The judoka who took part in this course had already endured 7 hours of judo on the

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  • Upcoming Marathon Shochugeiko +

    This year the Shochugeiko will be held over only one day and will be introduced as Marathon Shochugeiko! Starting at 9:00am and finishing at 5:00pm, with minimal breaks this course will truly test your concentration, fitness and budo spirit. Be prepared for fantastic warm-ups, tremendous techniques and rigorous randori that will help you look at

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  • Level 1 Coaching +

    All coaching courses are currently proving to be very popular for all judoka who express an interest in teaching to further understand how, and why judo works. The level one coaching course is the first stage in the JFAUK coaching structure and is a requirement for all first 1st Kyu's aiming to go to for

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  • Kangeiko Winter Training Camp 2015 +

    The Kangeiko is a traditional mid- winter training camp which focuses on testing a judokas ability, pushing them both physically, mentally and spiritually. Judo starts very early in the morning and is practised in cold conditions, with the training continuing right until the evening.

    During training a judoka is taken out of their comfort zone

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  • JFAUK National Championships 2014: Report +

    The JFAUK Junior and Senior national championships were held on the 19th October 2014 at the Sobell leisure center, London.

    The championships proved themselves outstanding, not only in judo but in the friendship and bringing together the many clubs and organisations from across the country and Europe who share the same belief that judo belongs

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Kodokan Judo at its best!


The JFAUK aims to put to practice the concept of mutual respect and adherence to the traditions and teachings of judo building its organisation firmly based on these fundamental principals.

Unleashing Growth

The JFAUK aims to help judo grow by removing all bureaucratic intrusions on the day to day running of judo clubs.

Further we aim to put all our resources to provide all that is necessary to revitalise judo and help its clubs to grow.

Lead by Example

We recognise that all JFAUK members and officers must strictly uphold the judo code of conduct and set a good example for all to follow.

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Structured and Accessable Syllabus For All


Online Workshops

We plan to hold master classes across the UK and also provide detailed teaching tools for instructors and students alike.

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Video Reference Library

All techniques required for each grading syllabus, are presented in video form for reference. These can be downloaded and used as reference in between training sessions.

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Sensei, a life long student and a teacher!


Judo for all UK believes success lies in the process of development and considers that every member of JFA UK is a student and also a teacher with learning taking principal place through out the process.

The Student & instructor

The student is thus responsible to learn not just for one’s own sake but also in order teach others.

The instructors must also learn how to teach to people of diverse abilities, from different perspectives and also continue to advance their own levels.


Teaching and learning are inseparable components in the process of sharpening one’s ability to learn how to learn. Tteacher/students with higher grades are able to appreciate even finer subtlties in things, often over looked in earlier periods.

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JFAUK Features

  • Traditional Judo at it best!
  • Club independence
  • Grade up to Brown Belt
  • Extensive Audio/Video teaching tools
  • Regular workshops
  • Instructors training
  • Insurance with £10million cover
  • No Bureacracy
  • Forward looking and inclusive organisation

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