Well done to all Judoka who completed this years Kangeiko winter training camp. The Kangeiko is a traditional mid- winter training camp which focuses on testing a judokas ability, pushing them both physically, mentally and spiritually. Judo starts very early in the morning and is practised in cold conditions, with the training continuing right until the evening.

During training the judoka were taken out of their comfort zones to work at an intense rate, testing their fitness level, technical ability and mental fortitude. Not only is the course designed to test one’s skill, it is also intended to bring everyone together to integrate and work as a team, pushing each other to complete the tough training.

“Fantastic weekend! I never fail to learn at a JFA event and I’m incredibly proud to be a member of such a great organisation” – D.Andrews

In its 4th year, the annual JFAUK Kangeiko took place in the charming seaside resort of Scarborough, after being relocated from Dundee, Scotland. Starting training at 6:00am and finishing at 5:00pm the course truly tested each judokas Budo spirit. Following true Kangeiko tradition, parts of the course also included outdoor activities on Scarborough beach. This aimed to test each participant’s endurance whilst facing the brisk elements, which also involved swimming in the icy waters.

Everyone that attended, although bruised, battered and thoroughly tested sincerely enjoyed themselves and all expressed what a wonderful experience this year’s Kangeiko was.

“What a great time I had at Scarborough, Fantastic training, history, friends and a sense of acheicement. I definitley can’t wait until next year!” – P.Barrels

JFAUK congratulates everyone that attended, and many thanks to Dave Hammond (4th Dan) and his team for organising this outstanding event.

JFAUK endeavours that more judoka, regardless of any organisation should attend such a course in the pursuit of their judo development and excellence. Judo, after all is in your hands.