The 4th Annual Traditional Kodokan Judo, Open National Championships, an event organised by JFAUK was held at the Main Hall of Sobell Leisure Centre on Sunday October 18, 2015. 110 contestants, including those from clubs in Scotland, Yorkshire, Kent, Sussex and London took part in the all day event that began promptly at 10 am and was concluded at 5.00 pm.

Throughout the day, from the primaries to juniors and seniors all contestants displayed clean upright judo. The result was the unleashing of exceptional judo experience, in etiquette, in techniques and the friendly atmosphere. The audience, including parents, friends and contestant waiting to take their turn, observed in silence while maintaining warm support for contestants in between their bouts.

The award ceremony for each group was conducted after a batch of categories were completed. Despite the fact that this allowed people to leave when they finished their competition many people continued to remain and support others waiting for their categories. The clean, upright judo ultimately meant that were no injuries and everyone including parents and friends behaved in an exemplary way.

Special guests and friends of JFAUK presenting awards and medals included Mick Leigh, 8th Dan (BJA life Vice-President), Mike Good, 8th Dan (representing World Martial Arts Council) and Hanshi Roger Payne, 8th Dan, (UK representative of Dai Nippon Butoku Kai). JFAUK would like to thank all guests who attended and showed solidarity in the interest of traditional judo. The awards for the dan grade contestants was presented by the JFAUK president and technical director Hanshi Sampson Sampson, 8th dan.

Bob Bushnell the JFAUK chairman thanked all the participants and said: “So far, this has been the best organised JFAUK event and we appreciate the help and support of our members, parents and specially the officers of JFAUK. This is judo as it should be and at its best.”

Download the results here!