This year the shochugeiko was a great success, with lots of excellent judo being displayed. Being held over two days the course brought together judoka from across Great Britain, all training and learning together. This years course has guest instrcutors Farid Namouchi (5th Dan) and Dave Hammond (4th Dan) take to the matt and deliver a range of traditional and competitive judo techniques.

“[At the shochugeiko] You always see judo at the highest level, and you always take something back, how to move or even how to breakfall” KC, Kangeiko 2014

“Its always good to have a different sensei showing you something” DG, Kangeiko 2014

Watch the Video Diaries from this years Shochugeiko course:

Day 1:

Day 2 Tachi Waza:

Day 2 Ne-Waza :