JFAUK hosted its first Kenshiro Abbe senior Cup in memory of the great judo legend Kenshiro Abbe.

Abbe’s contribution to judo in Europe brings us where we are today. The tournament was supported by competitors from across the UK and across various judo organisations.

The fundamental emphasis during this contest was on style, movement and technical skill. The aim was to try and represent Kyushindo as best as possible – the style founded and implemented by Abbe.

Three competitors were identified during the days event who best demonstrated this style. They were Amy Ellis Thompson (Ladies Dan Open – Sobell), Chris Cooper (Mens Dan +100kg – Worthing) and Arsene Nioka (Men Kyu -71kg – Sobell). Congratulations to those judoka.

Similarly an open category was held for the Kenshrio Abbe Cup and we would like to congratulate JFAUK’s own National Coach Farid Namouchi who came first in this event, taking part in good spirits to show high level contest judo.

Thank you to all who took part in this event and thank you to all officials who made this event a success.

This event run annually and soon be opened to international competitors.