The Level 1 Coaching Course is  proving to be very popular for all judoka who express an interest in teaching to further understand how, and why judo works. This course is the first stage in the JFAUK coaching structure and is a requirement for all first 1st Kyu’s aiming to go to for 1st Dan, as part of their grading requirement.

Congratulations to everybody who recently took part, and passed the in depth course. The course covers areas such as; legal requirements needed to set up a club, the fundamental principles, policies, objectives and standards imposed by JFAUK, the beginners induction programme, how to safely introduce a student to ukemi, how to clearly teach a technique, teaching & demonstration skills, and lesson planning. Further areas include how to correctly structure warm ups and warm downs and the importance of said excercises. The course also goes further to discuss what traditional judo is, including mutual respect, salutations and formalities.

The course is run by JFAUK officials who have many years experience in teaching and coaching, and have been tested and qualified to run such an event. The course aims to be as educational as possible, teaching students in a comfortable but productive enviorment aiming to leave each student fully up to date and refreshed by the event.