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Thessaloniki International Grading 2014

Part of the JFAUK team have just returned from its first international grading seminar. The grading seminar, which was held over 3

Thessaloniki International Grading 20142017-12-11T14:59:09+00:00

Miyazaki International Cup 2014

JFAUK Travelled to Thessaloniki, Greece for an international training camp and competition. Day 1: Today was a success on the first day

Miyazaki International Cup 20142017-12-11T15:00:39+00:00

WJF European Championships 2013

Congratulations to all from JFAUK who attended the 2013 WJF European Championships held in Milan, Italy. Team JFAUK were successful and came

WJF European Championships 20132017-12-11T15:01:20+00:00

Older Events

An archived list of older JFAUK Events. To see photos from each of these events, please head to Great Borders Summer

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