Part of the JFAUK team have just returned from its first international grading seminar.
The grading seminar, which was held over 3 days was attended by 40 judoka, 24 of which took part of the examination for 1st dan and above.
The examination consisted of four parts- technical demonstration, kata, randori and shiai which left each participant thoroughly tested.
As well as the grading, a seminar was held the day before allowing all judoka to mix, train and learn together.

Judoka from various judo clubs across Greece such as Iraklis JC, Atrabo JC, Athina JC, Korinthos JC and Kilkis JC attended the event. Each of which have taken up individual memberships with JFA International.

In addition, Iraklis judo club and organisation from Thessaloniki has now fully signed up as an international expansion of JFAUK adopting the name JFA GR. The organisation is implementing all of our principles, philosophies and grading structures to teach their students. This will begin by translating all of the JFAUK literature into Greek to assist in teaching.JFAUK is now fully committed to support our new international expansion.

Ageris maistrelli (3rd Dan), the technical director of our new expansion has welcomed JFAUK as a new lease of life for judo in Thessaloniki. Together, we are now looking forward to establishing more international programmes for competitions, courses and training camps all in the interest of great judo for our students. We will also be working together with our mutual connections in Italy, Bulgaria, Austria, Serbia, Japan, Germany, Macedonia and many more for a better traditional training structure.

We would like to thank George zangerlides Who allowed us to use his university dojo for part if the examination. George zangerlides is a professor of physical education, specialising in judo and combat sports. He was a welcomed attendee of the event, and was overwhelmed by all that took place.

Attending and supporting our technical director in Greece was Sampson Sampson jnr. Who as well as being Uke, helping to teach and demonstrate, was awarded his second dan. Sampson came first in all of his 8 contests with 8 clean ippons, dominated all his randoris, and demonstrated an extensive knowledge of techniques all against judoka of the same grade. Well done to him.

All in all a very proud moment for JFAUK, which although was only formed in 2011, is influencing judoka across the globe and is growing at an extraordinary rate. Our vision for judo excellence, fairness and friendship is the driving force behind all that we do and we look forward to the future that is creating a fair, comfortable and educational judo environment for all.

Thank you to all who helped to create a fantastic event