What is JFAUK?

JFAUK is the National Governing Body for Traditional Kodokan Judo in the UK. We are backed by 52 countries worldwide under the

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How are your competition rules different?

Our competition ruleset is focused on traditional judo meaning that many techniques that are banned in modern, olympic judo - such as

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Do you allow leg grabs?

Yes. We believe that leg grabs are a core element of judo and removing them dilutes judo and weakens its effectiveness. Leg

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Do you do competitions?

Yes! JFAUK organises and promotes participation in competitions domestically and internationally. In the UK,  JFAUK holds several competitions and tournaments that follow the

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Why don’t you allow blue judogi?

At JFAUK, we practice traditional judo and therefore only allow white judogi. Wearing a white judogi preserves the origins of judo. The

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Who are your grades authorized by?

Our grades are initially signed off by our President and Technical Director, Sampson Sampson (8th Dan) who has over 45 years of

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Who graded Sampson Sampson to 8th Dan?

JFAUK Founder, President and Technical Director Sampson Sampson was awarded his 8th Dan by the World Judo Federation at the 2013 WJF

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Do you practice Kosen Judo?

Although we do not name our judo as 'Kosen Judo', we put an extremely strong emphasis on Ne-Waza. We believe that judo

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