The JFAUK Junior and Senior national championships were held on the 19th October 2014 at the Sobell leisure center, London.

The championships proved themselves outstanding, not only in judo but in the friendship and bringing together the many clubs and organisations from across the country and Europe who share the same belief that judo belongs to us all, and that bureaucracy should not be allowed to interfere.

The spirit of judo was felt by everyone who attended this years championships. The entries far exceeded normal expectations which included entries from Rome, Italy. In total 143 competitors took to the mat eager to test their skills.

The level of contest was an outstanding example of upright, clean judo with many Ippon throws, strangles and arm locks being executed. The event was a great educational platform for all judoka who attended.

As JFAUK does not allow mat side coaching or shouting, many spectators and coaches that this rule especially benefited the judokas in contest and created a peaceful, respectful environment for the tournament.

As the national governing body for Traditional Kodokan Judo and representatives of the WJF, JFAUK upholds and follows traditional values which includes creating a respectful evniorment for contest. These values also include promoting upright judo, and fundamental encouraging groundwork transitions, as well as only permitting white judogi.

There is no doubt that the tournament is growing year by year. JFAUK is ready and looking forward to next years event which promises to be even bigger and better.

JFAUK congratulate and acknowledge everyone’s efforts and continues support of this outstanding event. Many thanks to all the clubs who attended and a special recognition go to our six competitors from Rome, Italy who took time and trouble to attend the tournament. A future friendship has been made JFAUK also thanks all other clubs who attended.