JFAUK has just been invited to the 2016 Belgian Ladies Open! The event will be taking place January 30th – 31st. Any female judoka who wishes to take part in the fantastic international opportunity please contact [email protected].

Note from Organizers:
“On behalf of the Belgian Ladies Open, it is a great pleasure for us to welcome all participants, team members and judo guests from all over the world at the Belgian Ladies Open in Arlon 2016. For 30 years now, the Belgian Ladies Open in Arlon regroups more than 450 judokas from European countries: France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Great Britain, Belgium, etc … as well as from countries from other continents
such as the USA, Cuba, Canada, Japan, etc …

The Belgian Ladies Open in Arlon, organized by the Judo Club Stockem, is an International Women’s Judo tournament. This unique event in Belgium take place during two days; the first day being intended for judokas under 21 years and the second for judokas from 21 years and under 21 years (Open).
The organization of the fighting takes place in pools and tables, providing participants with a minimum of three matches in qualifying. This system is particularly popular with coaches andparticipating federations. It also shows the fitness or level of competitors in several battles. The Belgian Ladies Open Arlon is a very tough competition level, many athletes who foughtin Arlon, are on the podium at tournaments, World Championships and even the Olympics. A London 2012, were on the podium: Charline Van Snick, Priscilla Gneto, Acosta
Bermoy, Kertin Thiele, Idalys Ortiz, who were all medalists in Arlon in the last Olympiad.

We would like to thank all partners, sponsors and volunteers without whom this tournament would not be feasible.
We wish all participants a great stay in Arlon for this 31st edition of the Belgian Ladies Open!”