Team JFAUK have returned from the 2015 Matsuura international training camp and tournament.14 clubs from 5 countries (Great Britain, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, FYROM) took part in this international event. JFAUK had a successful day with 2 Golds and 2 Silvers. Nima Akbari took the gold in the senior men’s -79kg, Peter Vincent took the Gold in the men’s -99kg, Arman Akbari took Silver in the Junior men’s -79kg and Sampson Jnr. took the silver in the senior men’s -83kg. Congratulations to all. The training camp was lead by JFAUK’s own (and very active) president Sampson Sampson (8th Dan) and JFAUK international referee Samuel Betu (5th Dan). The event also involved an examination for 1st Dan, the examination consisted of four parts- technical demonstration, kata, randori and shiai which left each participant thoroughly tested. JFAGR is truly developing and working hard to expand an authority in Greece that represents traditional judo. JFAGR and Iraklis judo club also work hard with a local anti drug rehabilitation programme that uses judo and martial arts as an educational tool and outlet to rehabilitate and help those who have struggled with substance issues in their past. As recognition to his hard work as a leading authority in JFAGR and his hard work assisting the rehabilitation of countless people, we would like to congratulate Avgerinos Maistrellis on his promotion to 4th Dan. Following this event JFAUK has been invited to compete in Bulgaria, Serbia and FYROM, and are looking into sending judoka to these countries to further develop their judo education.