This video is only a guide. Please see the full syllabus below.

Throwing Techniques

Demonstrate the following throwing techniques while Uke is stationary, and then again while moving. All throws must be dynamic and effective resulting in an Ippon throw.

  • Yoko Tomoe Nage – Side stomach throw
  • Hiza Guruma – Knee wheel

Groundwork Techniques

Demonstrate the following groundwork techniques:

  • The full ten hold down techniques in the groundwork wheel while Uke tries to escape. Control of Uke must be evident. Uke must not escape. Tori must contain body contact.

Demonstrate one escape from each of the following strangles, resulting in any transitional counter:

  • Hadaka Jime – Naked Choke
  • Kata Hajime – Single Wing Strangle
  • Okuri Eri Jime – Sliding Collar Strangle

Combination techniques

Demonstrate the following combination techniques. Tori’s first attack must be effective and accurate, forcing uke to respond or avoid so that the transition technique can be realistically implemented. Tori must attack and throw in a controlled manner, show evidence of Kuzushi Tsukuri, Kake and Nage – the four elements of a complete throw.

  • De Ashi Barai into Tai Otoshi
  • Tai Otoshi into Ouchi Gari
  • Kouchi Gari into Uchi Mata
  • Osoto Gari into Harai Goshi


  • 3 wins against similar grade or line up of mixed grades.
  • 1 draw
  • 0 losses allowed