Green Belt + 2 Brown Tags Syllabus

This video is only a guide. Please see the written description for the full syllabus.

Throwing Techniques

Demonstrate the following throwing techniques while Uke is stationary, and then again while moving. All throws must be dynamic and effective resulting in an Ippon throw.

  • Uchi Mata – Inner thigh
  • Hane Goshi – Spring hip
  • Morote Seoi Toshi – Double hand body drop
  • Ippon Seoi Toshi – Single hand body drop

Groundwork Techniques

Demonstrate the following groundwork techniques:

  • Ashi Gatame – Armlock with leg
  • Show two individual techniques turning Uke over from a crouching position resulting in any transitional technique.

Demonstrate one escape from the following hold down:

  • Yoko Shiho Gatame – Side four quarters

Combination techniques

Demonstrate the following combination technique:

  • Kouchi Gari into Tai Otoshi


  • 3 wins against similar grade or line up of mixed grades.
  • 1 draw
  • 1 loss allowed

Please note that grading is an assessment of a students knowledge, skill and ability. Clearly, the objective is to win in contest. However, where winning through if a student wins through use of brute force and aggression, rather than a demonstration of skill, technique and understanding of judo the student may not be awarded their grade.